French Polynesia has always been every sailor’s dream, with its warm crystal-clear waters, sheltered anchorages, turquoise lagoons, lush green hills, abundant flowering plants. palm-fringed beaches and reliable trade winds. Luckily, these islands have not changed much since the early European explorers stepped foot on them. They are still unspoiled and authentic and the Polynesian people are still very warm and welcoming.

The country’s varied landscape ranges from just above sea level coral atolls to volcanic mountain peaks. French Polynesia consists of five island groups, but the best and the easiest islands to explore with a sailing yacht are the Society Islands. Raiatea, Taha’a, Bora Bora and Huahine are all within an easy day sail of each other with the longest passage about 25 nautical miles. All the anchorages are well protected by coral reefs and offer amazing snorkeling, stunning views and easy access to land exploration.

But French Polynesia is not known only for its beautiful landscapes. The main beauty of these islands is found in its people. They are attractive, proud and happy, always extending a friendly ia orana  with a big smile. This is truly a paradise on Earth and we count ourselves among the fortunate few who are lucky enough to call it home. If you have ever dreamed of sailing around the tropical islands of the South Pacific, you are invited to come for a visit. We would love to show you our favourite secret spots!

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